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Dahek: A Burning Passion - A Tale of Two Lovers and Their Doomed Fate


Dahek: A Burning Passion is a 1999 Indian Hindi-language romance film directed by Lateef Binny. The film stars Akshaye Khanna and Sonali Bendre as two young lovers who belong to different religious communities and face opposition from their families and society. The film deals with the sensitive issue of Hindu-Muslim relations in India and the consequences of communal violence. What is Dahek: A Burning Passion about?

Dahek: A Burning Passion is a film that tells two parallel stories of love and tragedy. The first story is about Sabina Bahkshi, a Muslim girl who elopes with her Hindu lover Iqbal and is killed by her brother Jabbar, who is a fanatic Muslim leader. The second story is about Neelima Bahkshi, Sabina's niece who looks exactly like her, and Sameer Roshan, a Hindu boy who falls in love with her at first sight. They face similar challenges as Sabina and Iqbal did, as Jabbar vows to kill them both for dishonoring his family and religion. Who are the main actors and director of Dahek: A Burning Passion?

The main actors of Dahek: A Burning Passion are Akshaye Khanna as Sameer Roshan, Sonali Bendre as Sabina Bahkshi/Neelima Bahkshi, Danny Denzongpa as Jabbar Bahkshi, Dalip Tahil as Bhushan Roshan (Sameer's father), Anang Desai as Javed Bahkshi (Neelima's father), Achala Sachdev as Mrs. Bahkshi (Neelima's grandmother), Anjana Mumtaz as Mrs. Roshan (Sameer's mother), Himani Shivpuri as Mrs. Javed Bahkshi (Neelima's mother), K.K.Raina as Naseem Bahkshi (Jabbar's brother), Achyut Potdar as Hindu Leader, Anil Nagrath as Deval Pandya (Sameer's friend), Heena Qureshi as Saba Mirza (Neelima's friend), Rahul Singh as Ahmed Khan (Jabbar's henchman),

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