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Marianne Greaves hand dying fabric to create one of a kind Art to Wear pieces just for you!


She first creates the design then cuts the fabric and either hand dyes, hand paints or discharges the colour on the fabric.


The designs are cut, dyed, sewn and finished in house in Vancouver. It is a lengthy process but well worth it to create a one of a kind piece. 

Marianne has a passion for colour, texture, drape and 3 dimensional fabrics. Her favourite fabrics to work with are Woven Linens, Knitted Linens, Silks, Bamboo, Rayon and Viscose. Marianne loves to cut on angles, asymmetric and bias cuts. She also creates a collection of One Of a Kind hand painted, hand dyed silk tunics and dresses along with a collection of water resistant Raincoats. More of her pieces include dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, vests, tunics, wraps, scarves, wide leather belts. The entire collection is done in her home studio/ workshop in Vancouver. She also creates a collection of eclectic jewelry many of which coordinate with the outfits using unique materials, stones, beads, shell, chain leather and rubber.

Having lived in Vancouver all her life, Marianne has always been inspired by nature and architecture. After graduating with a diploma in Fashion Design and Merchandising in 1983 Marianne began her career working with a well-known fashion designer. After 27 years in the industry and becoming an expert in every aspect of the company, she launched her own company, Art to Wear.


She creates a collection of One Of A Kind Clothing, Jewellery and Accessories. Marianne has sold in select markets such as: Circle Craft, Filberg Festival, Harmony Arts, Hycroft, Dunbar and more. Well known in her community, she has been involved in many fund raising Fashion Shows and she also organizes and presents her own Fashion Show twice a year.

Located in Vancouver's Marine Drive River District, the Art to Wear studio is a place where colourful fabrics are a feast for the eyes. Visit her studio soon to see everything in person and to collaborate on your next custom made item.

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