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Vago Vacuum Buy

Hi Sam! I don't use it for every trip as I usually have plenty of luggage space but I've had a few trips where I've been short on space so I use it then. What I tend to do is use it like a regular packing cube on the way out and vacuum compress it on the way home. I wouldn't compress it on the way out because my clothes would just be too crumpled - you'd need to re-wash them all to get the creases out. But on the way home they're all going in the washing machine anyway so it doesn't matter to me about the creases! I'd say it's just the same as a packing cube really but with the added benefit of compressing it for the journey home if you need it. I hope that helps!

vago vacuum buy

Thankfully the Vago vacuum compressor makes it easy to vacuum pack anywhere you go. It's tiny, about the size of a small portable battery charger and fits easily into the pocket. A micro-USB port lets you connect a battery charger to power the Vago. It began as a successfully-backed Kickstarter project, though there have been reported issues from backers that the product was never delivered. However, the Vago is real and available for sale online.

Vacuum bags that take air out of your clothing aren't new. But they can be a hassle to use: You either have to forcibly squeeze out the air manually, or use a vacuum cleaner to do so. This works when you're packing for the trip, but once you get to your destination and unpack, then you're back to square one. And not all hotels will lend you a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out again when it's time to leave. But the portable Vago lets you skip this step,

Ever experienced the struggle of sitting on your suitcase, just praying that the zipper would finally close? What about the arduous game of real-life Tetris you have to play when packing your souvenirs after a long trip? Here's a little something that'll ease your traveling pains: the VAGO Vacuum Bag. User-Friendly DesignVAGO Vacuum storage bags were designed with the user in mind. Their simple and intuitive structure is enjoyed by avid travelers and newbies alike, allowing you to get to where you need to be with ease! Compression Made EasyThere's no need for hulking, oversized pumps or power transformers. All you need are a micro-USB cable, a wall adapter, and the 70mm VAGO Travel Compressor to get to sealing your travel essentials. Quick and EfficientJust place your clothes into one of the space-saver bags, attach the compressor, and within a minute your clothes will be using up to 50% less space than usual. Now, you can load up on souvenirs! As vacuum-sealing becomes more and more popular here in the Philippines, the Vago Vacuum Bag stands out for its ease of use and top-notch performance. You can get your Vago Vacuum Bag and other travel accessories right here at the official 0917 website!

Luggage makes travel a pain in the neck - often very literally.VAGO, however, presents a powerful palliative. With one handy little device, you can shrink your soft items such as clothes and towels into a vacuum package, whether it's to seperate the dirty from the clean, to free up space in your luggage or, if you're really going for it, maybe even fit your bits into a smaller bag. VAGO's smart sensor automatically stops, when the vacuuming is done, and is easily powered via a micro USB charging port, after using it once, you will never travel without it!

According to our research, clothes, bags and other soft materials use most of the space in your luggage. However, most volume of these materials are mostly occupied by air. In other words, we take a bunch of air during traveling! Smart VAGO using vacuum compressor to take air out from your clothes and gain more space for you.

Q: Can VAGO work with the regular Vacuum bags you can purchase in the supermarkets? A: VAGO uses a unique adapter to connect with vacuum bags so VAGO can only work with VAGO vacuum bags. You cannot use the regular Vacuum bags instead.

This large size VAGO storage bag is ideal for packaging/storing your larger items of clothing, linen and toiletries. Offers protection from moths, moisture, odour and dust. For use with the VAGO travel compressor to increase the capacity of your suitcase or storage space by as much as 75%. Each bag has a double layer that is designed to reduce creases in clothes by 50%. And a one-way valve, safety cap and double closing zip for optimum long term vacuums storage.

The uniquely-designed miniature vacuum motor can provide a maximum vacuum of up to 300mmHg, according to VAGO, which is about 2.7 times that of a general vacuum cleaner (the vacuum pressure of a general household vacuum cleaner is about 113mmHg).

With a compression rate of 2.5L per minute and a unique auto-stop function, a medium-sized vacuum bag is ready to go in less than five minutes and stops automatically. The vacuum bag is made of high-tech and high-quality composite materials, and can be used again and again. If the bag gets dirty, it can simply be washed with water, says VAGO.

VAGO can compress soft items and save more than 50% of luggage space. The technological innovations of VAGO:1- The miniature vacuum motor can provide a maximum vacuum of up to 300mmHg, which is about 2.7 times that of a general vacuum cleaner, and compress soft items to half of their volume.2- Through the unique precision algorithms and the program control, VAGO can instantly determine the vacuum condition in the vacuum bag by monitoring the motor current and then will automatically stop.3- VAGO is currently the smallest vacuum compressor on the market.4- Operating VAGO is as simple as it can get; fix it to the vacuum bag, connect to the power supply, and press the power key.5- The vacuum flow rate is up to 2.5L per minute. An M-size VAGO vacuum bag will take less than five minutes to compress.6- VAGO's vacuum bag with composite materials has not only excellent toughness with puncture resistance, but also can be washed. The high reusability of the bag makes it more friendly to the environment.

Every journey is a story and every souvenir is a memory. With more than one billion travelers in the world today, everyone loves to have a rejuvenating journey or an enjoyable shopping trip. No matter what, we always wish to bring all souvenirs home, but the space in our suitcase can't always fit our dreams. While the market still launches suitcases with larger capacity to meet our needs, the resulting ecological impact is often overlooked. As a team of travel fanatics and designers, we aspired to enrich everyone's travel experiences. After years of research, we have created VAGO, the world's smallest vacuum compressor, which can fully compress clothes automatically and restore the space of the suitcase, so that travelers can take all souvenirs home and share with their loved ones. Our philosophy is to add more space in the existing luggage and introduce travelers to a new travel experience instead of buying more suitcases. We believe VAGO can redefine the space of the luggage.

This small, portable packing vacuum can compress soft apparel to make room for everything else in your suitcase. Powered by USB, the handy device can identify the pressure inside the bag and will switch off on its own. Each vacuum comes with a reusable medium-sized bag, but small and large options are available too. Ideal for packing before long trips, or on your way home after buying a few souvenirs.

VAGO is a portable vacuum device especially designed for storage users. VAGO uses aerodynamic technology design to make the vacuum level higher than the general household vacuum cleaner. VAGO is small in the size and light in the weight (7cm and 77g only) and it is very easy to carry as well. VAGO uses Micro USB as a connector to introduce power to the device so there is no specific power voltage limit for VAGO in any country. Every passengers can easily and safely use and bring it on the plane! VAGO vacuum bag made of three unique composite materials. It makes the bag not easy to be damaged and can be used repeatedly. After vacuum, the volume of the vacuumed items is reduced by more than 50%, which makes it easier for household and traveling users to store their clothes, bedding and luggage.1 Extreme compression: The uniquely designed miniature vacuum motor can provide a maximum vacuum of up to 300mmHg, which is about 2.7 times that of a general vacuum cleaner (the vacuum pressure of a general household vacuum cleaner is about 113mmHg), and can compress the volume of soft objects by more than half. 2. Smart detection: Through a unique and sophisticated algorithm and program control design, VAGO can determine the vacuum condition in the vacuum bag in real time by detecting the motor current. The user only needs to press the power switch and VAGO can automatically perform vacuum compression.3. Small: The overall product height is only 7 cm and the weight is only 77 grams. It is currently the smallest vacuum compressor on the market. 4. Simple: You only need to fix the VAGO, connect the power supply, and press the switch three steps to use it easily. 5. Fast vacuum: The pumping speed can be as high as 2.5L per minute and the vacuum flow rate is more than 2.5L per minute. Calculated based on the capacity of the M-size vacuum bag that can put the contents into 5 tops, 2 trousers, and 5 sets of underwear, it only needs a vacuum time of less than five minutes. 6. High-strength vacuum bag: In order to counteract the squeezing of other items in the suitcase and the pressure changes in the cabin, the compressed vacuum bag is made of high-tech and high-quality composite materials. In addition to good toughness and puncture resistance, the entire bag can be washed with water. , The extremely high degree of reuse is also more in line with environmental protection requirements. 041b061a72


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