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Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson

Trevor Noah Its My Culture Full |WORK| Show Free 98

Martin Lawrence starred in this groundbreaking sitcom, which set the template for many comedies starring Black leads in the years to come. The show followed Lawrence with his close friends and girlfriend Gina and explored relationships, race, and culture like few shows on TV at the time.

Trevor Noah Its My Culture Full Show Free 98

In many ways, "Family Guy" is a descendant of "The Simpsons" (they did a crossover episode in 2014), but Seth MacFarlane's animated comedy was able to build its own legacy, too. Stewie, Brian, and Peter Griffin are pop culture mainstays, with more than 300 episodes in the bank. The show is known for its non sequitur jokes and pop culture riffs.

"The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening unleashed "Futurama" on Fox in 1999, and the show featured the voice of another Fox legend, Katey Sagal, who previously starred on "Married... with Children." The show followed the workers of Planet Express, led by delivery guy Philip J. Fry. Set in the 31st century, the show featured unique technologies and a wide array of creatures full of wit, snark, and heart.


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