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Andrew Jackson

The One 2 Ka 4

this was pretty fun tbh...SRK is a jerk but he and juhi have great romantic & comedic chemistry as usual, jackie is adorable, it's funny and a lot of stuff gets destroyed in the fight scenes. the plot is some drug trafficking/cop corruption nonsense but the majority of the runtime is taken up by a combination of 80's hollywood family comedy + hong kong inspired indoor shootout scenes, gets more deranged as it goes on with the 70's masala-esque supervillain and melodrama, some shocking twists, and a wild explosive finale in an airplane hangar. some surprisingly cool cinematography & interior design, good a.r. rahman songs with either beautiful romantic scenery or funny antics/costumes. nothing really unique or outstanding but it's weird enough to be memorable, cute and not boring, idk what more do you want??

The One 2 Ka 4

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not enough people out here blindly stanning ar rahman. who cares about the movie. do you not hear what i hear? do you not get goosebumps when that gorgeous string arrangement kicks in? do you not just wanna mosh to that banging spanish guitar? does your heart not skip ten beats every time you hear khamoshiyan gangunane lagi ? do you really not hear this genius? because what i hear is one of the greatest albums of all time, a masterwork that should be studied sampled and placed in a museum to be discussed forever and ever.

The plot is insanely overwhelming and often unrealistic. Without a doubt, this was weirdly directed. However, there were SOME well-produced, entertaining action scenes. (Not the ones with questionable punch dubbing)

Salah satu fakta dari film ini dan bikin mikir ooooh pantesan aja chemistry Shah Rukh Khan sama Juhi Chawla dapet banget di sini. Shah Rukh Khan ngerasa klopnya ya sama Juhi. Gila sih aku senyam-senyum sampai ngakak nonton ini. Ngeliat Geeta (Juhi Chawla) ngejar-ngejar Arun (Shah Rukh Khan) itu bikin cekikikan. Lucu sih baru ini aku ngeliat Juhi yang ngejar-ngejar Shah Rukh Khan. Bikin betah nontonnya.

One 2 Ka 4 - bollywoodzki film akcji, komediodramat miłosny i musical jednocześnie. Wyreżyserował go w roku 2001 Shashalal K.Nair. W rolach głównych wystąpili Shah Rukh Khan, Jackie Shroff i Juhi Chawla.

Tematem filmu jest dochodzenie w sprawie śmierci oficera policji prowadzone przez jego partnera. Film podejmuje też temat uczciwości i przestępczości w policji i przyjaźni w imię której główny bohater podejmuje się odpowiedzialności za opiekę nad dziećmi nieżyjącego przyjaciela przy okazji zakochując się w ich opiekunce. Zdjęcia do filmu (S.Kumar) kręcone były w Kuala Lumpur w Malezji. Choreografię stworzyła Farah Khan.

Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) wdowiec, oficer policji z czwórką dzieci razem ze swoim partnerem beztroskim Arunem Varmą (Shah Rukh Khan) ciężko i uczciwie pracują rozpracowując gang narkotykowy. W trakcie jednej z akcji Javed zostaje w tajemniczych okolicznościach zastrzelony. Arun jako jego najbliższy przyjaciel przejmuje opiekę nad dziećmi, których sympatii dotychczas nie udało mu się uzyskać. Nie umiejąc pogodzić pracy w policji i niespodziewanej roli ojca zbuntowanej czwórki Arun prosi o pomoc Geetę Choundhary (Juhi Chawla). Gdy wprowadza się ona do ich domu, Arun doświadcza spokoju i radości posiadania domu rodzinnego. Codzienna bliskość, dzielenie trudu rodziców wobec dzieci zbliża młodych ze sobą. Arun i Geeta zakochują się w sobie. Ale pewnego razu Arun prowadząc dochodzenie w sprawie śmierci partnera, spotyka w nocnym lokalu dziewczynę łudząco podobną do Geety. Tańczy ona z bossem narkotykowym, którego Arun podejrzewa o zamordowanie Javeda.

Twórcą muzyki jest sławny w Indiach A.R. Rahman, autor muzyki do takich filmów jak: z 1995 Mumbaj i Rangeela, z 1998 Dil Se i Earth, z 1999 Taal, z 2000 Saathiya i Fiza, z 2001 Lagaan, z 2004 Yuva i Swades, z 2005 Water i Rebeliant i z 2006 Rang De Basanti.

Speaking of sexy, also Jackie Shroff! Who is only present for the first hour or so but is so great that you miss him for the rest of the movie. You also miss his character and poor Shahrukh, our hero, just keeps falling a hair short of his standard.

So we start out strong, Shahrukh struggling to be a father, falling in love, and also having the police case. Then they add in the complication of Juhi having a double, fine, that opens up some possibilities. But then they put in the Shahrukh stealing the money? And Juhi magically being in two places at once? And then Shahrukh stealing money is just dropped as a plot for the big shootout?

*may contain spoilers*It may be hard to digest a film like One 2 Ka 4. With one of Bollywood's most loved jodi's, Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla, it had such potential. The film could have been an enthralling suspense thriller but instead switches multiple tracks from comedy to romance to mystery, etc. The script never really settles on any one genre and, as a result, ends up being a mish-mash of different plot elements. As many movies look for "inspiration" from Hollywood, this film is no exception and takes it's cue from the buddy cop flick genre, borrowing some scenes directly from the Lethal Weapon series. It teeters dangerously between being a waste of time and being worth watching. Though the writing is second rate, the direction is often choppy, and the action sequences nearly seem like they have been taken directly from a spoof movie, the film redeems itself with gorgeous locales, great music, and good acting.Shah Rukh delivers a spirited performance, lending dignity to some of the hard-to-digest scenes. He brings a certain vulnerability and sensitivity with masses of charm as Arun. The film is that much more watchable because Shah Rukh really raises it to a much higher level than the film achieves. One of my favorite scenes in the entire movie is a quiet moment between Arun and Geeta in which they are discussing what the future may hold for them. I wonder, however, if it takes a certain amount of courage to portray something as out and out silly as in the "I'm Sorry" picturization.Juhi Chawla, a veritable goddess of the silver screen, is wonderful, playing Geeta with just the right amount of charisma in every scene. To do comedy is not easy but she is almost perfect in her role, very funny and frankly, I cannot imagine anyone better than her.Jackie Shroff is competent in a brief but significant role. Nirmal Pandey was simply awful overacting outrageously in every single scene he was in. Perhaps making faces is what acting is all about. One had high hopes with this film in respects to it's music, and, for the most part, AR Rahman delivers an inspired soundtrack. The composer has concentrated on melody, with the orchestration not dominating the songs. Utilizing the industry's best playback artists like Sonu Nigam, Lata Mangeshkar, and Udit Narayan, the vocals are spot on. However, 'Alley Alley' left me feeling a little weird. So, in the end, the audience is left with a half-baked, inconsistent script with loopholes galore and nothing to show for itself, except for a fantastic turn by Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan and great music.

I will. I tried 'Yes Boss' once and found it hard to watch, but that was very early into my addiction. I wonder if I will have found a new appreciation for it now. This movie wasn't really that bad. I don't feel like I wasted my time watching, however, I probably won't watch it a 2nd time.

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The binuclear title complex, [Zn(2)(C(22)H(28)N(3)O)(2)(C(3)H(9)OSi)(2)], has a crystallographic imposed centre of symmetry. The Zn(II) atom is coordinated by three O and one N atom from one 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-di-tert-pentyl-phenolate ligand and two bridging trimethyl-silanolate anions in a distorted tetra-hedral geometry. The dihedral angle between the benzotriazole ring system and the benzene ring is 19.83 (5). The tert-pentyl groups are disordered over two orientations with refined site-occupancy ratios of 0.858 (4):0.142 (4) and 0.665 (6):0.335 (6).

The molecular structure of the title complex is illustrated in Fig. 1. In the[Cu(2-bpt)2(H2pa)2]2+ cation, the CuII atom,lying on an inversion center, shows a distorted octahedral coordinationenvironment defined by four N atoms fromtwo 2-bpt ligands and two O atoms of the carboxylic groups from two H2paligands. The 2-bpt ligand coordinates to the Cu atom in abidentate chelating coordination mode, with the trans-conformationconsidering the opposite disposition of two pyridyl N atoms.With regard to the H2pa ligand, one carboxylic group adopts a monodentatecoordination mode and the other is uncoordinated.As a result, there exists a monodeprotonated Hpa anion in the asymmetric unitto balance the charge of the complex cation.

A view of the asymmetric unit of the title compound. Displacement ellipsoids are drawn at the 30% probability level. Except for the carboxyl H atoms, all H atoms were omitted for clarity. [Symmetry code: (A) -x, 1-y, 1-z.]

Comparison of the long-term trend of the two South Pole cores with the 2.5 ka isotope climatic record from the 1979 Dome C core (Benoist and others 1982) and with the Law Dome core BHD record (Morgan 1985) again suggests possible correlation, but cannot prove it for lack of a firm time-scale. Collaboration with other investigators which brings together data on visible stratigraphy and density (personal communication from A.J. Gow), solid conductivity (Schwander unpublished), acid horizons (Langway and others 1988, this volume) and microparticles may solve this problem.


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