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Pret Atma In Hindi

Pret Atma in hindi

Pret Atma (प्रेत आत्म) is a Hindi term that means "ghost spirit" or "disembodied soul". It is believed that some people who die in unnatural or violent ways, or whose last rites are not performed properly, become pret atma and wander around the earth, causing trouble to the living. Some pret atma may also be the result of black magic or curses. There are different types of pret atma according to Hindu scriptures, such as bhoot (भूत), pishach (पशच), brahmarakshas (ब्रह्मरक्षस), and vetala (वेतल).


Characteristics of pret atma

Pret atma are said to have various characteristics that distinguish them from normal human beings. Some of these are:

  • They have no physical body, but can take any form or shape they want.

  • They can fly, pass through walls, and become invisible at will.

  • They have supernatural powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control.

  • They feed on the life force or emotions of living beings, especially fear, anger, and sorrow.

  • They are attracted to places where there is negative energy, such as cemeteries, haunted houses, and crime scenes.

  • They are afraid of holy objects, such as sacred symbols, mantras, and fire.

  • They can be harmed or repelled by certain rituals, spells, or charms.

Examples of pret atma in popular culture

Pret atma have been featured in many movies, books, and TV shows in India and abroad. Some of the examples are:





Pret Aatma प्रेत आत्म

Hindi Horror Movie

A horror movie about a woman who is possessed by a pret atma after her husband's death.


Bhootnath भूतनथ

Hindi Comedy Movie

A comedy movie about a friendly bhoot (ghost) who befriends a young boy and helps him with his problems.


Betaal बेतल

Hindi Web Series

A web series about a group of soldiers who encounter a horde of undead vetala (zombies) in a remote village.


The Conjuring कंजुरंग

English Horror Movie

A horror movie based on the true story of a family who is haunted by a demonic entity in their farmhouse.



Pret Atma in hindi is a fascinating topic that explores the beliefs and myths about the afterlife and the supernatural. Whether one believes in them or not, pret atma have captured the imagination of many people and have inspired various forms of art and entertainment. If you want to learn more about pret atma, you can use Google Translate to translate words and phrases from English to Hindi or vice versa. You can also watch some of the movies and shows mentioned above to get a glimpse of how pret atma are portrayed in popular culture. But be careful, you never know when you might encounter a pret atma yourself!


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