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Snakes On A Plane Subtitles English

Cue: 'Snakes on a Plane.' You know what to expect walking into this one, and (thankfully) you get it. We're not teased with that title and given a film devoid of both snakes and planes (although that would be the most hilarious thing ever). When you plop down your hard earned cash to rent or buy this film, you're getting aircraft and serpents, with an emphasis on the slithery bastards that make my skin crawl.

Snakes on a Plane subtitles English

When Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) witnesses the murder of a local prosecutor by gang boss Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson), his life is next up on the mobster's list. But FBI agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) has other plans for Jones, convincing him to testify against Kim to bring him down in Los Angeles. The heroic duo hop on a red eye flight (a plane), but unbeknownst to them, a crate full of snakes that have been agitated by pheromones has been put on the plane as well. All hell breaks loose over the Pacific, as passengers are forced to put aside their difference, band together, and square off against an army of various lethal snakes in a battle for survival. One thing is for sure, though. Flynn has "had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!"

My biggest (and only) complaint with the film? Why even bother to establish a story? Why not just throw the audience on the plane from the start?! It would have been insane! We don't need to establish the Hawaii story line, at all. It'd be perfect B-movie convention to just tell the tale through exposition on the flight! It takes a full twenty one minutes to get the plane in the air, and that's a lot of wasted time when we could have had snakes shoved in our face from the start.

With more dire circumstances than 'Snakes on a Train,' 'Plane' delivers on each and every promise made by the brilliant, succinct title. With one of the greatest lines in film history (including the epic television dub monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane), carnage, non-stop fun, and infinite replay value, 'Snakes on a Plane' deserves a spot in each and every home video collection.

'Snakes on a Plane' has to be one of the most anticipated titles to ever hit Blu-ray, considering the large demographics for both snakes and planes, so, of course, anything less than sssss-uperb video would be a letdown (I promise, that will be the only hiss joke in this review). The VC-1 encode at 1080p is a slight disappointment, providing neither the best looking snakes nor planes in high-def.

Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) becomes an accidental witness to a murder of a prosecutor by international gangster Eddie Kim and his men. As he then gets hunted by Kim, the FBI puts him under the escort of agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) as he flies from Hawaii to California to testify. Kim and the gangsters come up with an unusual method of trying to bring the plane down: they unleash motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking plane during the flight to try and bring it down before it gets to California. In the process of saving the day, lots of reptilian ass is to be kicked. 041b061a72


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