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3DeSmuME: The Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows

If you love playing Nintendo 3DS games but don't have the console, you can still enjoy them on your PC with 3DeSmuME. 3DeSmuME is a modified version of DeSmuME, the most popular and reliable Nintendo DS emulator. 3DeSmuME adds support for 3D graphics and higher resolutions, making your 3DS games look stunning on your computer screen.

3desmume download

What is 3DeSmuME?

3DeSmuME is a fork of DeSmuME, an open source Nintendo DS emulator that can run both DS and DSi games. DeSmuME has been around since 2006 and has many features such as save states, cheats, microphone input, and Wi-Fi emulation. However, DeSmuME does not support 3DS games or 3D graphics.

That's where 3DeSmuME comes in. 3DeSmuME is a modified version of DeSmuME that adds support for 3DS games and 3D graphics. It also allows you to increase the resolution of the games up to 4K, making them look crisp and clear on your PC monitor. You can also adjust the 3D depth slider to change the level of stereoscopic effect.

How to Download and Install 3DeSmuME on Your PC

Downloading and installing 3DeSmuME is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the official DeSmuME website and download the latest stable release for Windows. You can choose between the 32-bit or the 64-bit version depending on your system.

  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a folder of your choice.

  • Rename the DeSmuME.exe file to 3DeSmuME.exe.

  • Download the BizHawk prerequisite installer and run it. This will install some necessary components for 3DeSmuME to work properly.

  • Launch 3DeSmuME.exe and enjoy your 3DS games!

How to Use 3DeSmuME

Using 3DeSmuME is similar to using DeSmuME. You can load your 3DS ROMs by clicking on File > Open ROM or by dragging and dropping them into the emulator window. You can also use a physical Nintendo DS cartridge if you have a compatible slot-1 device.

You can control the emulator with your keyboard or a gamepad. You can customize the controls by clicking on Config > Control Config. You can also use your mouse to simulate the touchscreen input.

You can access various options and features by clicking on the menu bar or by using keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can save and load your game progress by clicking on File > Save State or Load State, or by pressing F1-F10. You can also enable cheats by clicking on Tools > Cheats.

To enable 3D graphics and increase the resolution, you need to click on View > LCDs Layout > LCDs Layout Settings. Here you can choose between different display modes, such as horizontal, vertical, or hybrid. You can also adjust the size and position of each screen.

To enable 3D graphics, you need to check the box that says "Enable High Resolution (experimental)". This will make the emulator render the games at a higher resolution than the original. You can also change the resolution scale factor to increase or decrease the quality of the graphics.

To adjust the 3D depth slider, you need to click on View > LCDs Layout > LCDs Layout Settings > Advanced Settings. Here you can change the value of the "Separation" parameter, which determines how far apart the left and right images are displayed. A higher value means more depth, while a lower value means less depth.



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