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Butea is extensively used in Ayurveda for its various medicinal values. Flame of the forest, bastard teak, battle of plassey tree, parrot tree, Bengal kino and palas tree all are common names of butea monosperma. In hindi a common phrase is used "dhak ke teen paat", it comes from three leaflets of butea. From the month of March to July this tree becomes flame of forest because it is totally covered with orange red flowers. Flowers were used to prepare holi colors in older days. In India it is state flower of Jharkhand. In india dried leaves of plasaah are used to make disposable leaf plates and leaf bowls to serve food. Charcoal is obtained from good quality of butea. Its wood pulp is very soft and used in newsprint.



Leaves of butea are rich in glucoside, linoleic acid, oleic acid and lignoceric acid. Bark contains gallic acid, palasitrin, butrin, butolic acid, cyaniding, Lupenone and palasimide. Gum contains tannins, pyrocatechin and mucil isaginous materials. Flowers are rich in flavonoids, triterpene, butein, butin, isobutrin, coreopsin, isocoreopsin and sulphurein.

It states that palaash, kinshuk, parn, yageyi, raktapushpa kshaarshresth, vatapoth, brahmvriksh and samidwar all are synonyms of butea. This herb is bitter, pungent and astringent in taste and used to stimulate digestive fire. It has hot potency and used as aphrodisiac and laxative. It is used for treating bone fractures, ulcers, abdominal tumors, vata related disorders, piles, worm infestation and anal disorders.

Butea Superba, known as red KwaoKruain traditional Thai medicinal system, is an evergreen shrub with a climbing growth habit (vining shrub) from the family of legumes, called Fabaceae. It is also commonly found in China, Vietnam, and India and is characterized by its yellowish-orange flowers. The tuberous roots of butea superba have been used in traditional Thai herbal medicine for ages. The plant is also sometimes referred to as butea gum tree or simply, butea.

The herb is primarily used for sexual problems and improve sexual performance in men. However, it can also help with excessive and loose bowel movements, painful urination, and fatigue. There is also some evidence that butea superba can help improve hair growth and stimulate the immune system. 041b061a72


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