Luxury hand painted forever silk shawl

140 cm x 180 cm

Mammoth in size, may be styled numerous ways or worn as a wrap

Silk / modal blend 

ultrathin fabric 

Fray edge

Hand painted original artwork designed on pure silk by Cydney Mariel Galbraith 

The art is now re-produced for production by Loves Pure Light Luxury Silks Canada team

Inspired by a promise. Promise is inscribed.

 Because a promise is forever

Stripes depict significance - a Zebra out to know. The style of stripes in fashion - will never be denied. Stripes can take a direction, that gives you a choice, Zebras want these styling trends to be the slimming lines hiding only perfection! Never let the mirror view tell the whole story, because stripes hide a truth and glory that we cannot deny. There is one, pure love who wore the stripes in humility for us all. Stripes that tell the truth of healing for many beneath the pain. We are healed by these stripes. Obedience to gain stripes is not the Zebra’s position, the Zebra flaunts a divine glory in stripes without any pain. This magnificent scarf can wrap you in style and symbol that depict love overflowing to change all humankind. Parade the stripes. Share the love as you wrap yourself in wonderful, healing stripes of love in this magnificent Zebra scarf. You were born to shine your uniqueness! In that, you can actually set so many free . Your uniqueness is your confidence and passion. Your stipes set and freedom in these healing stripes represent freedom! You have it in you to set others free. Healed by these stripes indeed! 

Healing stripes Luxury Silk Scarf

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