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God Of War 1

On November 17, Sony will release God of War and God of War 2 as a compilation for the PlayStation 3. The most notable aspect of this $39.99 package is that the graphics have been re-mastered with anti-aliasing effects, and now run at 720p, and at 60 frames-per-second.

God of War 1


This Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. That is all.

Do-GooderGOWRGOW (2018)Full NameAtreusAlias(es)LokiBoyKidSac-SeedLittle BrotherSon of KratosThe ArcherChildMaster AtreusM'sonM'boyLadBjörnGod of MischiefChampion of the JötnarEinherjarLittle TurdThe KidHalf-BreedThe Little FreakStillborn LambThe RuntJuniorThe BrainsPrincessThe SquirtChamp

Kratos (father)Laufey (mother, deceased)Calliope (half-sister, deceased)Deimos (uncle, deceased)Athena (half-aunt, deceased)Ares (half-uncle, deceased)Hercules (half-uncle, deceased)Hephaestus (half-uncle, deceased)Persephone (half-aunt/great-aunt, deceased)Hermes (half-uncle, deceased)Perseus (half-uncle, deceased)Apollo (half-uncle) Artemis (half-aunt)Zeus (grandfather, deceased)Callisto (grandmother, deceased)Poseidon (great-uncle, deceased)Hades (great-uncle, deceased)Cronos (great-grandfather, deceased)Rhea (great-grandmother)Gaia (great-great grandmother, deceased)Ouranos (great-great grandfather)Pandora (adoptive cousin, deceased)

Mimir (father figure)Brok (deceased) and SindriAngrboda (love interest, best friend)JörmungandrFreyaFreyrSkjöldrSurtr (deceased)ThrúdFenrirJallaDurlinHildisvíniRatatoskr

Atreus, also known as Loki, is the deuteragonist of the Norse Era of the action-adventure fantasy video game franchise God of War, appearing as the deuteragonist of the 2018 video game God of War and its 2022 sequel God of War Ragnarök.

He is Kratos' second child with his second wife named Laufey, and Kratos' first child not to be born in Greece, due to his father from his past having rage issues, unintentionally killing his first family, which later on leads him to killing most of the Gods of Olympus that caused Armageddon of all of Greece, which he's unaware of his father's past. Born in Scandinavia, his father taught him all the means to survive in a harsh world by learning how to use a bow and arrow. Through the journey, he learned of his God and Jötun heritage. In the secret ending, Atreus felt the future of Fimbulwinter destruction and Ragnarök begins when he and Kratos encountered Thor.

In the God of War Ragnarök, Atreus has grown up during the period, and has developed more abilities. He and Kratos go on another journey to end Ragnarök by searching for Tyr, and later building an army to fight against Odin.

Atreus was conceived between the Greek demigod Kratos and a Jötunn named Laufey, whom he called Faye (but probably nicknamed herself to hide her identity). He was a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough to travel, but flying into a rage would return his sickness. Not much is known about his past other than the fact Kratos was rarely home because he was practicing control over his rage, which Atreus misinterprets as hunting. Kratos' absence would strain his relationship with his son, whom believed that he didn't care for him, or wanted him in his life. As a child, Faye would tell Atreus stories of the Æsir Gods, Vanir Gods, the realms, and monsters that lived in Midgard. Despite not being trained by his father, Faye had taught Atreus how to hunt, and how to spot different animal tracks in the forest.

Atreus first appears to be helping Kratos collect tree's for Faye's funeral, witnessing his father chopping the last one with his mother's handprint. The two return to the boat with the log, and go home to burn Faye's body into ashes, and to take them to the highest peak of the realms. Atreus says his final prayers, and takes his mother's knife despite burning his hand due to the flames. Kratos tells Atreus that they are hunting deer, and go into the wildwoods to hunt to see if he was ready.

Atreus is startled by the deer, and accidently fires his arrow, causing the animal to run off and have his guard. Kratos yells at his son, but calms himself to continue hunting the deer without his bow. Eventually finding the deer, Atreus shoots the animal, and has to give the final blow with the aid of Kratos. The two are attacked by a Troll, and Atreus assists his father in the battle, ending with the latter killing the troll with a neck snap. Atreus lets his rage on the monster, slicing it with his mother's knife while insulting the corpse. Kratos stops him, but states that Atreus is not ready for their journey, angering the child. At home, Atreus is challenged by his father on his anger, but a stranger knocks on their door, causing the child to have to hide as Kratos handles it. Atreus hears a fight ensue between Kratos and the stranger, and is surprised to see is father return despite hearing the destruction.

Seeing that their home was no longer safe, Kratos and Atreus decided to go on their journey despite the child not being ready, and his sickness. When reaching up the mountain on the River Pass, Atreus notices that their home was protected by magical grove trees, and that Kratos broke it when cutting them down. After dealing with Draugr, Revenants, and Hel-Walkers (who were humans that Kratos previously killed moments before), the two meet Brok, a dwarf who co-created Leviathan (Kratos' axe). While traveling, they encounter a boar, but Atreus notices that it's magical, and has thickened skin. He successfully wounds the boar, but runs in a fog as Kratos picks up his knife that he drop before. Atreus catches up to the boar, but meets a woman who states that the boar was her friend. Kratos meets wit the two, and helps the Witch get her friend into her home, which is Chaurli, a giant turtle. After helping to heal the animal, the Witch shows them a secret passage to get to the Lake of the Nine.

At the lake, the two summon Jörmungandr, the world serpent that lowers the water to get them on land. The two go through one of the realm towers and meet Sindri, Brok's brother, at the Foothills, and he upgrades the axe after learning of Faye's death. Making up to the mountain, the duo find themselves unable to go through the mouth due to the Black Breath, power dark magic that the Witch of the Woods can't break. She takes them to the Bifrost, and Kratos activates the machine to Alfheim, the realm of the Elves. Once entering the realm, the Witch notices that the light is gone, and orders them to fix the problem before being sent back to Midgard.

The father and son soon enter a battle against the Dark Elves, who have won the war against the Light Elves, and are taking over the light. Atreus begins to hear voices asking for help, and believes that he heard Faye in the midst, but Kratos rebuffs the idea. After getting rid of the roots over the light, Kratos enters while Atreus waits with his father's axe. According to Atreus, Kratos was in the light for a long time, and he had to fight countless waves of Dark Elves until he grabbed his father out. Despite being angered that he believed Kratos didn't care for him, Atreus gains the ability to shoot light arrows from Faye's bow string, and defeats the chief Dark Elf Svartáljǫfurr. Atreus becomes frustrated with his father, believing not to care about him or Faye, and only needing for simple tasks. Kratos reveals that he is suffering from grief, but differently, and learns that for his father, moments pass while in the light.

Returning to Midgard, the expel the Black Breath and continue their journey to the highest peak of the mountain. The two are attacked by the dragon Hræzlyr in the mines, with the result going outside where Sindri is attacked. Atreus begs his father to help Sindri, and the two are able to defeat the dragon by using the sap and crane. Sindri thanks the two by embedding Atreus' bow string with the dragon's tooth, and is given mistletoe arrows. On the way to the top, Kratos stops Atreus and places a mistletoe tip arrow to his strap, and hear the stranger talking to a man. Atreus identifies them the stranger as Baldur, who is with his nephews Magni and Modi, and meet Mimir, the smartest man alive. Mimir reveals to the duo that the highest peak in all the realms is in Jötunheim, and states that he will help them. But first, Mimir tells Kratos to cut off his head (since the branches couldn't be damaged by Mjolnir itself), and take his head to the witch so that she can revive him.

Taking him to the Witch, but she orders Atreus to get rid of the mistletoe arrows, calling them "wicked". She then orders him to destroy any that he finds, and then revives Mimir before spitting on his face. Mimir reveals that the witch is Freya, the former queen of the Vanir, which angers Kratos (since she didn't tell this earlier). The two asked for information on how to get to Jötunheim, and Mimir states they have to ask the world serpent, and he can speak his dead language. After talking to the serpent, Mimir tells them they have to get Thamur's chisel, which can open the lock doors they have encountered. Reaching to Thamur's corpse, Kratos successfully destroyed the ice above the chisel, and the two are confronted by Magni and Modi. The two defeat the brothers, and Kratos kills Magni to stop Modi from hurting Atreus, shocking the God. Atreus shoots arrows at Modi as he runs away, causing his fever to return as he was becoming angry at the Norse God's insults about his mother. 350c69d7ab


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