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What is Vissim 8 and why you should use it for traffic simulation

What is Vissim 8 and why you should use it for traffic simulation

Vissim 8 is the latest version of the worldâs most advanced and flexible traffic simulation software developed by PTV Group. It allows you to simulate complex vehicle interactions realistically on a microscopic level, model demand, supply, and behaviour in detail, and simulate new forms of mobility such as connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) and mobility as a service (MaaS). It also offers seamless integration with PTV Visum, the world's leading traffic planning tool[^1^].

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With Vissim 8, you can choose between micro, meso or hybrid simulation depending on your needs and application. Microscopic simulation offers the highest level of detail, as it simulates individual vehicles and pedestrians. Mesoscopic simulation has a lower level of detail but reduces the modeling effort and speeds up the simulation. Hybrid simulation combines both micro- and mesoscopic simulations for different parts of the network[^2^].

Vissim 8 also enables you to virtually test your advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and CAV technologies in realistic traffic movements. Vissim 8 Kernel is a headless calculation engine that runs on Linux OS and allows you to interact with external applications via a generic COM interface[^3^].

Moreover, Vissim 8 helps you to implement intelligent traffic control measures to avoid congestions and reduce emissions. You can map a variety of intelligent traffic management systems (or advanced traffic management systems - ATMS) to stabilize traffic flow and increase traffic safety. You can also calculate emission results with Bosch's trusted cloud-based Air Quality platform, built from comprehensive country specific traffic and vehicle data[^2^].

Vissim 8 is more than just a traffic simulation software; it is a community that is continuously growing. With over 16,500 users worldwide, Vissim 8 is the standard traffic simulation software used in over 2,500 cities[^1^]. You can take advantage of the comprehensive documentation, extensive training programmes, user group meetings as well as the professional customer service and support team, 24/7[^1^].

If you want to learn more about Vissim 8 and how it can help you with your traffic simulation needs, you can download a webinar recording of "PTV Vissim: Improve air quality with emissions calculations from Bosch" or watch a tutorial video on YouTube[^1^] [^3^]. You can also request a free trial version or contact us for more information.

Vissim 8 is easy to use and requires no scripting. You can create a digital model of the nodes and corridors in your city and add different road users and their individual movement sequences and interactions. You can also define customized "what if" scenarios to evaluate operational countermeasures and their impact on the overall traffic flow.

Vissim 8 supports various data formats and interfaces for importing and exporting data. You can import network data from PTV Visum, OpenStreetMap, shapefiles, or other sources. You can also export simulation results to PTV Visum, PTV Vistro, PTV Balance, or other tools. You can also use the COM interface to connect Vissim 8 to external applications such as MATLAB, Simulink, Python, or VISSIM Connect.

Vissim 8 is a powerful tool for traffic simulation that can help you with various applications such as traffic engineering, traffic management, traffic safety, traffic impact analysis, environmental impact assessment, public transport planning, pedestrian planning, bicycle planning, parking planning, and more. Whether you are working on a small intersection or a large urban network, Vissim 8 can handle it with ease and accuracy. 0efd9a6b88


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