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[VERIFIED] Flipnote Studio Rom Nds 49

Microsoft has released a version of its proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) for free, to would-be homebrew programmers. This SDK, called XNA Game Studio, is a free version of the SDK available to professional development companies and college students. However, to create Xbox 360 games one must pay for a premium membership to the XNA Creators Club. Once the games are verified, the games written with XNA Studio can be made available for 80, 240, or 400 Microsoft Points to all Xbox 360 owners (through Xbox Live). This allows creators of homebrew content access to their target audience of Xbox 360 owners. This content is available under the Indie Games section of the New Xbox Experience.

[VERIFIED] Flipnote Studio Rom Nds 49

Of which, only the ID in the first 8 bytes is verified. Neither BIOS nor(current) firmare versions are verifying the data at 008h..7FFh, so the 7F8hbytes may be also used for normal program code/data.


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