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Train Simulator 2017

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Train Simulator 2017

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Train Mechanic Simulator is a game in which you, as the name suggest, are a train mechanic. Find locomotives around the game world that need your help and repair them in one of your 3 workshops. There are workshops for diesel, electrical and steam locomotives.

The game takes place in an open world-ish map where you can drive around in your tow train and go look for broken trains. You get objectives that tell you in what cluster of the map the broken train is located, so you don't have to go look everywhere in the 25 square kilometers map.

As you would have guessed, you play a train mechanic in this game. Having been dumped into an empty garage, you walk up to the computer in your office and you notice that you have a work order waiting for you. You read it, click on accept and a cutscene starts playing, showing you a train rolling into your workshop. Waiting for you to grab your toolbox and begin an examination. The game is very in-depth and although I must admit; I don't know what components are "under the hood" of a train, there are is a lot of stuff put in there by the developer of this game, Si7 Studio. But before you know it, you learn a lot about the workings of a train.

The game starts you off gently with a great tutorial, telling you exactly what is wrong with each train, but soon begins to hand you jobs with more "vague" problems like 'the breaking is off' or 'the engine is too loud' and expects you to work out what needs to be done. As you become more and more comfortable with the tasks at hand, you learn to quickly find the problems, and solutions, based on nothing but these complaints. And you learn that there are a hell of a lot of screws in one single train!

Some missions ask you to go outside in your tow train and go look for a broken down or derailed locomotive. You have to drive around, switching the tracks from inside your map menu and go look for it in a certain quadrant of the map. This isn't very challenging as most quadrants only have one or two train tracks going through them. Driving around in your train isn't that challenging, I moved through the turns in the tracks at full speed and nothing happened. I found this "mini-game" rather tedious than a fun change of scenery. A good try, but a big bust. So if you are going to play this game, hoping to find mechanics like Train Simulator you are out of luck on this one!

A big downside of this game is the movement, though. Everything moves very slowly. As if you have set the mouse sensitivity of a game to half what it's supposed to be. When you want to turn left, the game delays a bit and when you stop turning left, the game continues to turn a bit. Now I know train workers like to drink in their off time, but it felt like I was "well oiled" so to speak. Once you get used to that, though, the controls are the game are like any other game. Move around with W, A, S, D and look around with your mouse.

The graphics in this game are stunning! The images you see in this article are images of in-game footage. There has been a lot of improvement since the last mechanic simulator game I have played, which was one of the car mechanic simulator titles. With each train being well-modelled from the bodywork down to the smallest nuts and bolts of its innards, which is fortunate since you'll spend a lot of time in there!

Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 has some flaws, but nothing game breaking. Overall it's a decent and fun game. I played around for a couple of hours and I had a hard time pulling myself away from this game. It never froze up on me or crashed, which is a big plus on a test version of any game.

I only wish the developers hadn't put in the "go look for the broken train" mini-game. It is just an annoyance and when I had the chance to pick a work order, these once were always dead last on the list. Driving around in a map that's just way too big. Don't get me wrong, they let you know exactly where the darn thing is. But getting there takes some time. Pulling it up with your crane takes more time, and then you have to get it back to your workshop. That is just to much time that I could have been spending repairing trains. And you can't even skip these work orders! By the looks of it, I'm the only train mechanic in the 25 square kilometers region.

But if you are a collector of these types of simulation games, Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 is one of the games you can't miss out on! On the other hand, if you are looking for a game to drive trains, better skip this station and move on to the next one!

I'm delighted by the rise of fixing and cleaning games, these meticulous and contemplative experiences of repairing cars and mopping guts out of vents. If trains are more your bag, hey, that's now covered too. Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 [official site] launched last week with steam, diesel, and electric trains in need of a little love. TraMechSim devs Si7 Studio aren't the folks behind the Car Mechanic Simulator games -- that's Red Dot Games -- but they're clearly inspired by it and the two sims do share a publisher, PlayWay. Have a look at this trailer:

I spent several hours in Train Mechanic Simulator 2017, completing a couple dozen mission in the career mode. Getting the hang of things was pretty quick, as I used my experience from previous games based on a similar idea: two installments of Car Mechanic Simulator, and Truck Mechanic Simulator.

Train Simulator 2017 was released on Steam on September 15, 2016.As it says in the name,it is a simulator were you can drive trains and or become a virtual can build your own train or play scenarios created by other players.

Developed by Dovetail Games and published by Rail Simulator Developments, strategy title Train Simulator 2017 allows you to explore four fantastic real-life routes! Transport your passengers and work your routes as a clock, everything must go according to plan, and the schedule is your best friend and your worst enemy all the same. Buy Train Simulator 2017 Steam key and start from the very beginning at the academy and learn to master your machines and rule the rails as a real pro! Traverse several locations and gain valuable knowledge about the mechanics of trains for a cheap price!

Train Simulator 2017 game offers a variety of features that makes this simulator one of the most renowned titles in the genre, offering an engaging strategy and simulation experience that revolves around trains:

Not only do you get to learn much valuable information about the train engine, how they are made and how they work, but also you get to travel several real-world locations and some famous train routes that are sure to surprise you with stunning scenery.

The latest version of Train Simulator 2017 again reached a high technological level of processing, with the possibility of adapting the program for beginners and experienced users. Train Simulator 2017 will include new types of locomotives, new scenery, graphic effects, animation and educational system in the form of interactive academy where players learn to control their machines and rule the rails. The new version will contain very detailed processed real lines in Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States. Choose locomotives and explore the trails, or create your own.

2017, IMechE 2017. Early research suggests that, in a simulated train-driving environment, unskilled, novice drivers may exhibit comparable behaviour and performance to experienced, professional train drivers after receiving only minimal, task-specific training. However, this conclusion is based on exiguous performance indicators, such as speed limit exceedances, SPAD violations, etc. and considers only limited data. This paper presents further, detailed analysis of the driving performance data obtained from 20 drivers (13 novices and 7 experienced train drivers), who took part in a previous simulator-based research study, utilising more sensitive and perspicuous measures, namely acceleration noise and control actuation. The results indicate that, although both cohorts exhibited similar performance using the original metrics, and would thus support the same conclusions, the manner in which this performance was effected is fundamentally different between groups. Trained novice drivers (mainly comprising students and staff at the University of Nottingham) adopted far more erratic speed control profiles, characterised by longer control actions and frequent switching between power and brake actuation. In contrast, experienced drivers delivered smoother acceleration/braking profiles with more subtle (and shorter) control actions and less variance in speed. We conclude that although utilising trained non-drivers may offer an appealing solution in the absence of professional train drivers during simulator-based research, and their input remains of value, researchers should remain mindful when interpreting results and drawing conclusions from a contingent comprising non-drivers. The work also demonstrates the value of dependent variables such as acceleration noise, and quantitative measures of control actuation, which may offer an insightful portfolio of measures in train-driving research studies. 041b061a72


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